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Some handy, cheap & good products of various nature is what you can find here. I bought or "use" almost all. Anyway, the articles are, as far as I could find out, cheap & good to buy and the use is handy.

When you are looking for a solid savings bank giving a reasonable interest.

Some savings banks and their credit rating are present here too.

Some chemicals in Synthetic clothing and food products and plastic cups, beakers, glasses are better to use or not to use

About the chemical safety of synthetic products.

Below the Bialetti espresso pot. This coffee-maker cooks very good espresso coffee.

Bialetti espresso pot example and an exploded image on this website ...


At home I use a similar moka-express pot as coffee-maker.

The Bialetti moka express is available on WimsBezels.eu, the espresso pot web shop

Vaccination schedules:
Below a user friendly vaccination schedule from the sixties, the previous century.
It might cause less side effects like autism, ADHD, autoimmune disorders: Type I diabetes, (juvenile) rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and bowel disorders.
The vaccination schedule is:

- Pertussis or whooping-cough (acelluar -- aP -- not whole cell) vaccine.
- Diphtheria (D) vaccine.
- Tetanus (T) vaccine (the first three on this list are to be given separately, not together, as is usually the case).
- The Salk polio vaccine, with an inactivated (dead) virus, one that is cultured in human cells, not monkey kidney cells.

Related Search:
Dr. Joseph Mercola, from Mercola.com
Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, for lewrockwell.com

A user friendly vaccination schedule

Below the Wilkinson classic razor, "wilkinson rasierer classic", and the Merkur Safety Razor, for use of the double edge blades.

wilkinson classic razor

merkur safety razor krabbertje 23c

The Merkur Safety Razor (krabbertje) is being used since 2007, combined with Merkur Super platinum rostfrei stainless blades. The Wilkinson classic razor, bought in 2006, works fine too.

A web shop link for this classic Safety Razor from Merkur:

winkelplein.nu, Barbershop, The Shaving Shop: razors etc.

Below the led light bulbs, 3.6 and 3 watt, 230 Volt, comparable with about 25 - 40 watt incandescent.

led light bulb E27 3.6 watt 60 leds warm white 230volt

led light bulb E27 4watt 80 leds warm ball white 230volt

The spotlights warm white, led light bulbs colour 2700 - 3500 k model, are still in use in the living room, starting June 2009. One piece starting June 2009 stopping May 2019, one piece starting June 2009 and still going on with much less light emitting. One spotlight starting May 2019.
On led ball light, a cool white ball colour 5000 - 6500 k, starting June 2009 died April 2014. The newer one starting April 2013 had died while out of use since 2015 till 2019.
The Cool white led light ball seems to produce twice as much light as the warm white one, visually.
The led light colours above are slightly yellow, "old newspaper yellow," and white with a tiny glance of blue. Both warm white spotlights go on, for now.

A web shop link for this home 230 Volt led bulb lighting:

ledlightbulb.net, LED Light Bulbs, Home LED Lighting

Below a Princeton Tec Shockwave ii dive light. With one xenon 7.5 - 15 watt bulb and 8 lr 14 or c cell batteries, 100 meter water-resistant.

dive light princeton tec shockwave ii

The Shockwave ii from Princeton Tec dive light has been dived with since 2007.

A web shop link for this Princeton Tec dive light:

wassersportbilliger.de, diving equipment

Below the MEC battery charger: LM 12005-3 12V 500mA. For lead acid (and gel) batteries, 3-step charge control.

mec battery charger 12volt 500ma

The lead acid (and gel) 12 Volt battery charger by MEC charges since November 2009.

A web shop link for this lead acid (and gel) 12 Volt battery charger from MEC:

intercel.nl, more than batteries

Below an analogue geratherm fever thermometer. The Galinstan fever thermometer succeeds the mercury thermometer.

geratherm galinstan fever thermometer

The analogue geratherm fever thermometer with Galinstan in it is in my possession since January 2010.

A web shop link for this analogue fever thermometer, with Galinstan as measuring liquid:

apo-rot.de, Versandapotheke

Below a Lenco cs 321 fm radio with sd card player. The sd card player and fm radio may reset itself once every one or two months. Both the radio pre-sets and the next mp3 to play are lost then by the Lenco. Under high voltage power line pylons the signal receipt may fail sometimes.

lenco cs 321 fm radio sd card player

The fm radio or sd card player (using a 2 GB sd card) play music since March 2010.

A web shop link for this Lenco cs 321 digital sd card player with fm radio:

www.autoradionavigatie.nl, everything for your car or living room.

Below a Slim Stainless Steel Business ID Card Holder Case. The Slim ID Card Holder can hold about half a dozen bankcards or id cards.

slim stainless steel business card holder case

The business and id card holder case is in my pocket since September 2010.

A web shop link for this business card holder case:

sourcingmap.com, for anything and business card holder case.
sourcingmap.com, für allerhand Sachen und Visitenkarten-Etui.

Below a high power led down light, 4 watt, 12 Volt, comparable with about a 20 watt halogen light bulb.

led light bulb 57mm Cree 4 watt power led light cool white 12volt

The three high power ceiling down-light led bulbs (57 mm & 67 mm) are in use in a ceiling and are still functioning now, September 3, 2012, starting September 26, 2010. The power led colour of the lights I ordered for the bathroom is 5000 - 7000 k, cool white with a tiny glance of blue, which is doing fine.

A web shop link for this high power 12 Volt led bulb ceiling light:

ledlightbulb.net, LED Down-light Bulbs, Home LED Lighting

Below the "Mika Aktentasche Leder," Mika leather briefcase. The leather briefcase by Mika can hold a 17" wide-screen laptop.

mika leather briefcase 42cm

My briefcase arrived October 2010. The Mika briefcase is made of thick leather.

A web shop link for this leather briefcase:

koffer-arena.de, for briefcases.

Below the mobile phone femchin mq888 sku.

femchin mq888 sku 105600anm watch phone

The femchin mq888 is a 1.5inch touch screen quad band watch phone with calender, stereo fm radio, photo- and film-camera, mp3, mp4 player and wap, no e-mail. I started using it August 2013. The femchin mq888 sku 105600anm watch phone has a good phone reception and reasonable radio reception. I like the watch phone and it's easy and simple menu: just what you need on a small phone. The phone worked fine for two years.

A web shop link for this femchin mq888 watch phone:

dinodirect.com, the saving webshop.

Below the "daily" multi-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and multi-minerals brand name supplements.
TopPharm Super Multi Mini
Orthica Fish EPA Original Softgel
Sunwell Krachtige Visolie Omega-3 Capsules
Now Full Spectrum Minerals
Orthica Mineral Max Tablets
The supplements products above are a.o. sold in about 100 tablet containers. For several days a week sporting people they can be a good thing to add to meals.

A web shop link for these supplements and other pharmacy:

deonlinedrogist.nl, for pharmacy.

Web shop links for a SOS Talisman Necklace or SOS Bracelet:

medical-bracelets.co.uk, for a SOS Talisman Necklace or Bracelet.
medicaltags.co.uk, for a SOS Talisman Bracelet or Necklace.

Below the Alcatel 20.53 Black.

mobile phone alcatel 20.53

The Alcatel 20.53 is a Dualsim type mobile phone, with calender, photo- and film-camera and mp3 player. My use begun December 2019. I like the mobile phone and the way it is: nice small to operate.

A web shop link for this Alcatel 20.53 phone:

belsimpel.nl, the Dutch online phoneshop.

Currently, there is no more handy, cheap & good stuff here.

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