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hobby automatic watches

There are many types of watches. I have had almost always one type: an automatic watch. Some automatic watch images and specifications are shown here.

watch MarcelloC Nettuno

Watch image: MarcelloC Nettuno.
specification MarcelloC Nettuno:
stainless steel case
sapphire glass
back of the watch is screwed to case
screw-down crown
massive stainless steel case, diameter: 40 mm height: 12 mm
massive stainless steel strap
300 m water-resistant
bezel rotates in a counter-clockwise direction
hands and dial with super luminova

ETA 2893-2
diameter: 25,6 mm, 11 ½ ", height: 3,6 mm
21 ruby jewels
28800 beats per hour
42 h power reserve
production start in 1993
information from MarcelloC.de April 2, 2004
Bought: April 2004.
September 2012: movement amplitude: 258, November: 285
Serviced: October 2012.
April 2017: slipveer gebroken.
April 2017: safety device preventing over-winding the spring broken.
May 2017: watch repaired and cleaned.
March 2019: watch repaired by mounting bearing under the barrel, containing the spring.

watch alsi automatic 2824-2 1996

alsi movement eta 2824-2 back

Watch image: ALSI automatic, eta movement 2824-2.
specification ALSI automatic:
25 jewels
28800 beats per hour
Bought: July 1996.

watch seiko professional 150 2205-0760 front

seiko movement 2205-0760 1983 back

Watch image: Seiko Automatic Professional 150, Seiko 2205-0760 movement.
specification Seiko Automatic Professional 150:
Manufactured: April 1977.
17 jewels
28800 beats per hour
Bought: January 1983.

watch vadur shockproof 757

Watch image: Vadur shockproof 757.
Bought: January 1976.

watch infra automatic fb 25 jewels front

movement infra fb foerster 222 25 jewels back

Watch image: Infra automatic, foerster 222 movement.
specification Infra automatic:
25 jewels
21600 beats per hour
Production: from 1969 till late 1970's.

watch onsetta 17 jewels incablok front

movement onsetta 17 jewels swiss back

Movement image by horlogemakers.nl, published with consent.
Watch image: onsetta mechanic, 17 jewels movement.
specification onsetta mechanic:
17 jewels
about 18000 beats per hour
Production: from late 50's till early 60's.

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