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hobby Burton Car

There are so many cars, cabriolets & old-timers. And old-timers brands. Such as Burton Car. This is the hobby of some people, the cabriolet old-timer car. It is usable for daily use, because it has a hardtop too.

burton car 2011 cabriolet

burton car 2011 hardtop

Burton Cars produced: the Citroen 2CV6 part, until 1990, the burton part, starting in May 2000.
a Burton (cabriolet) Car can have a hardtop and a tonneau-cover. The tonneau-cover is the usual favourite for daily use. Just turn on the heater and drive.

Production totals:
Production 2CVs run 42 years: 1948 - 1990.
2CV6 latest specifications, 1979:
Max. power: 29.4 HP, or 21,6 kW at 5750 RPM
Max. torque 39.0 Nm at 3500 RPM
Top speed: 117+ km/h (72,7+ mph)

CO2 emission table:
2CV4 18 KW: 162g CO2/km
2CV6 21 KW: 143g CO2/km
2CV6 26 KW: 162g CO2/km

Burton Car specifications:
0 - 80 km/h 18,5 sec
0 - 100 km/h 30 sec
Top speed: 114 - 122 km/h
Fuel consumption: 1 litre per 13.9 - 20.8 km (last figure at driving 90 km/h)
On average: 1 litre per 18.3 km

The Burton Car has some old relatives:

Alfa 6c 2500 ss 1933
Bugatti 57 graber suisse cabriolet 1936
Delahaye 135ms grand sports roadster 1939
Jaguar ss 100 roadster 1938
Morgan plus 8 1972

The Burton car is said to be inspired by e.g. the car makes and models showed above. Images of which the corresponding brand and type are listed below:

alfa 6c 2500 ss 1933, from conceptcarz.com
bugatti 57 graber suisse cabriolet 1936, from autocarwallpapers.com
delahaye 135ms grand sports roadster 1939, from fantasyjunction.com
jaguar ss 100 roadster 1938, from ultimatecarpage.com
morgan plus 8 1972, from morganplus8.com

Below you will find the:

citroen 2CV6 technical specifications 1979 and other (historical) information

Cars need tires. Below some information about tires, because there seems to be some confusion about the grip of the different types of tires. Both tests date back from 2009.

Car tyre performance table of some all-season and snow tire makes

  Michelin Pilot HX MXM4, all-season tire: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S, all-season tire: Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3, winter tire: Michelin X-Ice Xi2, snow tire:
snow 12 F, -11 C, lap-time, 1.1 mile course 1.44.2 min 1.48.7 min 1.37.9 min 1.31.2 min
snow 12 F, -11 C, acceleration 0-30 mph, 0-48 km/h 10.2 sec 12.4 sec 8.7 sec 7.1 sec
snow 12 F, -11 C, braking, 30-0 mph, 48-0 km/h 105 foot, 32.0 meter 123 foot, 37.5 meter 95 foot, 29 meter 83 foot, 25.3 meter
wet 23 F, -5 C, braking, 60-0 mph, 96-0 km/h 140 foot, 42.7 meter 139 foot, 42.4 meter 145 foot, 44.2 meter 174 foot, 53.0 meter
dry 23 F, -5 C, braking, 60-0 mph, 96-0 km/h 130 foot, 39.6 meter 128 foot, 39.0 meter 141 foot, 43.0 meter 158 foot, 48.2 meter


Car tyre performance table of some summer tire makes

  Barum bravuris 2, summer tire: Continental premiumcontact 2, summer tire: Michelin energy saver, summer tire: Vredestein hi-trac, summer tire:
wet, lap-time course 1.44.4 min 1.42.0 min 1.42.9 min 1.41.8 min
wet, braking, 80-0 km/h 28.8 meter 28.6 meter 27.3 meter 27.6 meter
dry, lap-time course 1.37.7 min 1.36.6 min 1.35.3 min 1.36.5 min
dry, braking, 100-0 km/h 42.4 meter 40.0 meter 41.2 meter 42.1 meter


Hankook H730 Optimo 4S, All-season tire.
A good 3 out of 5 star rating tire. It under-performs clearly on snow, and minor on a dry, wet or ice road. Winter tire test 2011/2012.

Summer tires: right now often performance tires.
Snow tires: rubber compounds and profiles made to have grip at low temperatures.
All-season tires: dry-weather and snowstorm compromise, with intermediate rubber compound.

In Germany, during snow, hail or glazed frost only tires with a M+S or a mountain with snowflake symbol are allowed.
It is now generally said that just above 0 degrees Celsius summer tires brake faster than snow tires.
In The Netherlands there is rain, snow, hail or glazed frost 7% off all time.
The average minimum temperature in The Netherlands is in:
November 3 degrees Celsius,
December 1 C,
January 0 C,
February 0 C,
March 2 C,
April 4 C,
June 10,
July 13 C,
August 12 C
The average maximum temperature in The Netherlands is in:
December 6 degrees Celsius,
January 5 C,
February 6 C,
June 20,
July 22 C,
August 22 C

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burton 0-80 km/h acceleration max. 4000 rpm
burton 0-80 km/h acceleration max. 5000 rpm

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